Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tasty Member Profile

 (left to right:  Soryong and Daeyong)
Members: Daeryong and Soryong

Real names: Jung Daeryong and Jung Soryong

Official name: Tasty

Also know as: 2twins, dragon twins 

Birth year: Feb. 25, 1988

height: soryong is 185cm and Daeryong is 184cm

Ethnicity: Korean-Chinese

Twitter:/  (@tastytwins0809)

Hobbies: Skateboarding and Basketball

Fun Facts:

-can speak/ understand 3 languages fluently Chinese, Korean, and English

-lived in New York for a long time

-good friends with miss A's Min

-older brother used to work at JYP as a back-up dancer

-were mentioned in 2pm Junsu's 'Thanks To'

-called Dragon twins because yong at the end of their names means dragon in korean

-are identical twins

-their duo was going to be named B-boys

-their nicknames are Little D (soryong) and Big D (dearyong)

-love to watch Basketball

-Favorite basketball team is the Knicks

-Started shooting their 1st MV on July 20th, 2012

- Attended Infinite's Second Invasion concert on February 12th, 2012

-are signed to the same company as Infinite and Nell

- have been getting a lot of attention from girl groups such as Girl's Generation, miss A, Etc

- gained anti-fans even before their debut

-debut on stage before releasing their MV

-used to be JYP trainees 

- living in Infinite's  old dorm at the moment

- Fans say they both resemble G-dragon of Big Bang from some angles

-friends with ex-member of UKISS Alexander 

-Infiinite's Sungyeol younger brother Daeyeol is the back up dancer for tasty


  1. You should add that apparently one of them is friends with Alexander (former U-KISS member) because one of them sent him a tweet like 'dude it's me (something in Korean, probably a name)! You should follow back' and then Xander replied back with something along the lines of 'debut (something in Korean) I'll follow you only'